Christopher Moniz
Wall Master, LLC
13003 Mill Ct
Fairfax, VA 22033
+1 571 210 0550

Having an interest in art and science from an early age, Chris was fascinated with great Renaissance figures, espcially Leonardo da Vinci. It was da Vinci's experimentation with different materials and pushing the boundaries of process -- blurring the line between art and science -- that Chris found so intriguing.

During his pursuit of a B.S. in Geology, Chris happened on a comment from Claude Monet who said he wasn't painting the object but rather, painting the light reflected from the object. This coincided with Chris's study of the physical properties of light in optical mineralogy and astronomy. It impacted how he saw the world and how the perception of color changed with light. The study of the physical sciences gave Chris an understanding of the materials used in art and building. In his years after college, Chris, who loved working with his hands and creating structures, entered the plastering trade where he learned the details of building walls from scratch, which later intersected with his interest in art.

It was the unrelenting question "what if?" that led him to the study of the decorative arts, where faux finishing and artisan plastering captured both of these interests. In addition to conducting his own research and experimentation, Chris studied at leading faux finishing studios in the mid-Atlantic region, and attended classes by manufacturers of the materials used in the industry.